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Understanding Child Support with the Help of a Sacramento-Area Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is always a delicate subject, especially when there are children involved. No matter how amicable and well-intentioned the separation may be, striking a parenting balance that is in the best interests of the children and maintains their relationships with both parents should be approached carefully and purposefully.

“Best Interests”

This is a difficult time for everyone including the kids, even in a friendly divorce. The phrase “best interests of the children” is one you will hear during the process of divorce when it comes to the matter of child custody. Factors that impact this are your children’s age(s) and maturity level(s). Once the issue of child custody is settled the issue of child support will follow next.

Child Support

This is financial support given for the child(ren) by either or both parents. This is meant to ensure that the children’s living expenses will be accounted for in a way that maintains the lifestyle you and your ex-spouse want for them. A Sacramento-area divorce attorney can help you approach these questions and decisions by filling out forms, attending court procedures, and even helping you understand the amount of child support that may be required by the court and explaining how the court reached the decision on the child support amount.

Members of the Sacramento Collaborative Practice Group (SCPG) can provide you with guidance and advice regarding child custody/support as well as other issues related to divorce including family law attorneys, divorce coaches, counselors, neutral child specialists and neutral financial professionals. The membership also includes health and life insurance experts, residential specialist, business appraisers, real estate appraisers, mortgage specialists, and vocational counselors. Get in touch with them or any of their experts for assistance.


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