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After a divorce/dissolution is complete, there are a number of extremely important financial housekeeping items that must be addressed. One of those items that often gets overlooked or put off is revising one’s estate planning documents. The following is a list of those documents and issues which must be addressed, post divorce to ensure that the individual and their family is protected from the unexpected. 1.Living Trust/Will These documents contain instructions about a number of cru Read More

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Sacramento Collaborative Practices Group is a group of professionals interested in avoiding court battles and power struggles to resolve conflicts. Our group is a multi-disciplinary, multi-field group open to all professionals interested in Collaborative conflict resolution. Read more...

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If the following values are important to you, it is likely to be a workable option:

  • I want us to communicate with a tone of respect
  • I want to prioritize the needs of our children.
  • My needs and those of my spouse/partner require equal consideration, and I will do my best to listen objectively.

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